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Published by Mt Albert Aquatics Centre : 12-01-2016

Mt Albert Aquatic Centre Patron Guidelines

Mt Albert Aquatic Centre Patron Guidelines

  • All children under the age of 10 years shall be actively supervised by a caregiver 17 years and older. Actively supervised means watching your child at all times, and being able to provide immediate assistance.

  • Patrons are to follow all instructions given by staff. Refraining from behaviour that could cause injury, offence, indecency or harm to others is expected at all times.

  • Running, jumping, bombing and diving is not considered acceptable behaviour

  • All children under 4 years are expected to wear swimming nappies whilst in the water.

  • Persons 17 years or over are welcomed to use the sauna and steam rooms. Patrons shall always sit on their towel or mat when using the sauna and steam room.

  • Personal possessions are the patron's responsibility. Please do not ask staff to look after your items.

  • Glassware is not allowed in the pool halls.

  • This facility is a public place therefore you may be photographed for the purpose of marketing the facility. If your image is captured it may be used in marketing material, however we will obtain consent for any images that focuses on an individual. Any persons taking photos of the facility are obligated to ensure that no other patrons are being photographed without their express consent. This also includes families at the facility taking photos or filming. Please ensure you are only photographing or filming your own child/ren and no other visitors to our facility for privacy reasons.  

  • Parents and caregivers shall be responsible for the behaviour and conduct of children in their care.

  • Use of this facility is subject to these guidelines, any relevant Auckland Council policies, local bylaws, industry body standards and New Zealand Law

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To ensure comfort and enjoyments for all patrons we ask that you comply with the following guidelines.

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